The company behind Energisparhus AS wanted a separate website for the products they offered and something with similar look and feel to the manufactures website, since they are the official resellers for there region. This website is made up of a two projects.

The first project was to make the main website and build it in a way that was easy to maintain over the years, and have a place to show completed projects as reference. Of course with good product pages, a contact form and more. This was first delivered in a responsive design (design that scales with the screen size).

The second project was made up of the order form for filter changes that needed to happen 1-2 times a year. To make it easy for the user we designed and developed a custom made order module for the website. And to make it very easy and reduce friction for the users we also implemented the option of automatically get reminders or simply get a mail.

We did not add any user login to keep the costs down and it is connected into several different API's for best possible workflow for the people at the office. Also prepared for future communication in bulks for time saving.

Check out the website? Go to:

Interview with Øystein about this project and what I delivered over many years.