Jonathan Baptistella

hours ago

Business results in the digital era

Great leaders give everyone something to believe in, not something to do.

Jonathan Baptistella is a problem solver, designer, entrepreneur and business person. His experience lies in web based projects and as a business advisor with focus on digitalization. He shows several successes in his career, and have advanced to also now expand to focus on business, design, strategy, web courses and training, combined with full service consulting. So as many as possible can get access to his knowledge.

After working in the global market for years providing services and collaborating with internal and external key people for each project. Jonathan is focused on spending the advertisement money smart and looking at the return of investment as well as reducing customer friction in the process, and aligning results with the business goals.

Building good relationships with the client is key to get a loyal customer base for years to come, not just focusing on the profit of today, but also building great customer journeys and experiences for tomorrow. Building sustainable businesses growth and keeping competitiveness up, prepare the business for the future with motivated employees and customers. All business is in the end, about people, right?

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