Trust is the most resource we have in our life, it is the social glue that hold everything together. We can not leave the house without it, even less reproduce.

When we place our trust in the right people around us our life can become magical! But put the trust in the wrong person can cost you big time and sometimes even your life. Today we live in a society with decreasing trust. Or do we? And if so why?

If we become more aware of our own trustworthiness and how we place our trust in others, we can also become smarter of where we extend our trust and in whom we trust. And therefore we can have a better life without so much grief emotionally or financially. It can be the how you fix hard relationships. It can make you feel closer with friends. And it can also help us become better and more trustworthy ourselves and get people to trust us more and bring up happy feelings like that we are dependable and trusted. We all like to be trusted, don't we?

Therefore I made a full course about it, see more about it by clicking on the button below.

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