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Becoming trusted

When we place our trust in the right people around us our life can become magical! But put the trust in the wrong person can cost you big time and sometimes even your life. Today we live in a society with decreasing trust. Or do we? And if so why?

I promise that you will not see trust in the same way again after this course.

If we become more aware of our own trustworthiness and how we place our trust in others, we can also become smarter of where we extend our trust and in whom we trust. And therefore we can have a better life without so much grief emotionally or financially. It can be the how you fix hard relationships. It can make you feel closer with friends. And it can also help us become better and more trustworthy ourselves and get people to trust us more and bring up happy feelings like that we are dependable and trusted. We all like to be trusted, don't we?

If we keep on with this constant circle of distrust, our life we will be miserable and we can even become sick from the lack of trust.
But does it really need to be this way? And isn't there a better way to talk about trust and increase the understanding of how we place our trust in others people and brands? This requires you and me to learn how trust is placed, what we do without even knowing about it and create a better language to talk with others about trust.

I don't want to live in a low trust society, so I decided to do something about this. By becoming smarter and more thoughtful of where we place our trust we can improve that. And take better choices of where and in whom we place our trust. And now I want to share it with you. I wanted to do my part to make a better tomorrow, and together we can make it happen.

I have the solution to this problem with my new course 'Better at Trust' that I made just for you that want to become smarter of where you place your trust and in who we trust. I promise that you will not see trust in the same way again after this course.

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